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Silly Family Activities!

Is everything getting a bit frazzled? Us too! We've found half an hour of sitting at the table doing something creative or silly has really taken the edge off tension...so we've put together this l'il collection of activities you can all do together - and parents can pile in to the fun too! Every set here has multiple sets of each activity - they've been brilliant as party activities, but now we can put them to a whole new use... give yourself half an hour of silly fun that you don't have to think about!
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Djeco Art Stickers - Create Animals Packaging DJ08932
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Rosie Flo's Colour Your Own Art Gallery
Djeco Art- Colourful Parade Marbling Art Packaging Box DJ09686
DIY Mosaic Tiaras
Rosie Flo Arts & Crafts- Fashion Show Box STROSIEF
Create Your Own World Flick Golf
DIY Mosaic Masks - Jungle animals
Djeco Mosaic Kit - The Mermaid's Song
Djeco Art Workshop - First Marble Painting
Djeco Origami - Friendly Faces
DIY Animal Balloons By Djeco
Djeco Outdoors - Flying Owl Disc
DIY Magic Wands - Little Fairies
DIY Spinning Tops - Dragons
Djeco Colouring - DIY Animocolour
Djeco Outdoors - Flying Hero Disc
DIY Balloons - Funny Pirates
DIY Animal Party By Djeco
DIY Spinning Tops - Flowers
The Amazing Dinosaur Art Gallery
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Djeco Mosaic Kit - Deep in the Jungle
DIY Balloons - Damsels
Djeco Outdoors - Dragon Throwing Ball
Djeco Indoor Games - Roolygo
Djeco Indoor Games - Avion kuna
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Little Monsters Scratch Art By Djeco
Djeco Indoor Games - Vroom
Djeco Art Workshop - Chic Feather Art
Djeco First Art - Magic Paint Creations!