Kitpas Crayons

The MOST amazing water soluble crayons for truly epic art. Use on Windows, paper or blackboards. Add a wet paintbrush to mix and blend, and your rainbow windows will become a total work of art!
Kitpas Crayons
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Kitpas Medium Crayons 12 Colours
Kitpas Medium Crayons 16 Colours
Kitpas Medium Crayons - 6 Colours
Kitpas Art Chalks 12 Colours
Kitpas Block Crayons - 8 Colours
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Kitpas Bath Crayons 10 Colours
Kitpas Large Crayons 12 Colours
Kitpas Little Artist Set
Kitpas Water Brush Pen
Kitpas Magnetic Fruit Set
Kitpas Magnetic Car Set
Kitpas A4 Blackboard Set