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Clockwork Soldier

Paper Maestro Rob and guiding light Karen created Clockwork Soldier in 2011, and their collection is filled to the brim with 'make & do' gifts which will make children itch to get creative, because the finished product is satisfyingly beautiful and quietly educational!
Clockwork Soldier
22 results
Create Your Own Solar System
Build A T-Rex Head
Grow Your Own Magical Garden
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Magical Unicorn Friend
Mini Dinosaur Garden
Create Your Own Giant World Map
Build A Giant Dinosaur
Create Your Own Nodding Cat
Deep Blue Sea Scape
Create Your Own Parrot on a Perch
Create Your Own Fairy Door
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Create Your Own Majestic Tiger Head
Create Your Own Dino Finger Puppet
Create Your Own World Flick Golf
Create Your Own Bumper Bots
Create Your Own Snappy Shark
Create Your Own Giant Ocean Origami
Build a Mega Robot
Create Your Own Ocean Puppets
The Amazing Dinosaur Art Gallery
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Make Your Own Pop Up Woodland
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Make Your Own Woodland Pals