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Our Story

What started with a search for a really special present for my son's first birthday in 2003 has become the most unexpectedly fun and rewarding journey anyone could ever have, ever! 

Now, 18 years later, I'm surrounded by a close knit shop family of five - a team who are powered by kindness and who have a passion for all things play. I'm SO proud of how determined we all are to give you the most enjoyable shopping experience ever... real people, working with a lot of joy in a real toy shop in the heart of Bath!

Our Beautiful Toy Shop In Bath

We are mad about toys... but we  are also determined to make a shopping experience for you and your family like no other!

Joyous, worry free and above all else a really magical adventure. A place where children feel special and where grownups are reminded of how they felt when they visited their favourite toy shop as a child. 

It's an ever evolving treat for all the senses. Real trees with foliage which changes with the seasons. Grass underfoot. Bird song. And every corner is filled with beautiful toys, books, games and art and crafts.  If we love a toy (really love it!) and it fits all our criteria - beautiful, sturdy, innovative, traditional with a cool design edge - then we'll add it to the collection with pride.

Over the years we are so proud to have won awards, been the reciepents of hundreds of amazing reviews, and frequently been described as 'the most beautiful toy shop in the Uk...

It's all about YOU

We've become renowned nationwide for our amazing customer service. Everything we do comes from the experience of having very small children hanging off every limb while still trying to juggle life!

So at My Small World you'll find a team ready to help who are handpicked for their sense of humour, total passion for toys, wonderful empathy for parents and grandparents and who really, really love children.

We understand that trying to remember your PIN with a small child under your armpit, a wallet in your mouth and a toddler heading out the door is something only the insane would attempt, so we'll be there with (literally) a helping hand.The store is stress free - come in and play at will. We'll never tut or sigh (in fact, we'll probably join in). Because ultimately the way we know our toys are fantastic is because they are played with vigorously by lots of children every day.

Shopping Online

We believe shopping online with us should be as fantastic and personal as if you were chatting with us in the shop itself.  We are as far removed from a faceless online experience as you could possibly imagine!

Lizzy, powered by tea and a goodly supply of biscuits, is taking care of your order every step of the way, from the moment we recieve it to the moment it arrives at your door.

We send out Next day as Standard... and don't charge extra for being super speedy. We gift wrap, hand write labels and box up as beautifully as if you were doing it yourself - and we put in the extra effort on the outside of the box too because getting a gift delivered should be exciting from the moment it arrives. 

We think it's our responsibility, not yours, to track a parcel should it go astray and we'll make sure you don't have to do any chasing - and keep you informed every step of the way.

And lastly - we answer the phone! So if you need extra advice or just aren't a big fan of shopping online and want someone to do the nitty gritty for you then we are right here.

Autism Friendly

We are HUGE advocates for the power of neurodiversity in the workplace... My Small World would be a less colourful, less creative, more disorganised and less joyful place to work and play without the positive impact of making sure we are an Autism friendly workplace.

Some of our team are raising children on the spectrum, and others are Autistic themselves, so we understand what it means to families where Autism is present to know that a shop has an understanding and an awareness. 

We are by no means experts, but we do have first hand experience and our promise to you is that we will do all we can to make your experience with us as stress free as possible.

Our picture of our Autism Friendly A-Board has been shared over 2 million times all around the we know just how much this inclusion means to all our neuro-diverse friends and families.

Opening Hours...

Mon - Saturday 10am til 6pm
Sunday 10.30 til 5pm

Where We Are...

19 - 21 St Lawrence Street, Southgate Shopping Centre
Bath BA1 1AN

Get in Touch...

We LOVE to help over the phone, and we are super quick at answering emails too....
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