Puzzles and Brain Teasers...

Beautiful puzzles - some classic, some 3D. All in sturdy boxes so that no pieces get lost in the bottom of the toybox. Or in the sofa. Or in the dog....
Puzzles and Brain Teasers...
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Djeco Game- Kinoptik Animonster DJ05600
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Djeco Puzzle- Articulo Véhicles Puzzles packaging DJ08170
Djeco Puzzles- Mum and Baby Puzzles DJ08157
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Djeco Puzzle- The Tigers Walk Puzzle Packaging DJ07201
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Djeco Puzzle - Octopus Puzz'art
Djeco Puzzle - Elise's Carriage
Racing Cars Duo Puzzle By Djeco
Dream A Tree - Londji
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Djeco Puzzle - In the Jungle
Djeco Puzzle - The Cows On The Farm
Djeco Puzzle - Coucou Cow
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Elephant Puzzle Art By Djeco
Djeco Puzzle - Barbarossa's Boat
Djeco Puzzle - Super Star
Djeco Puzzle - Edmond the Dragon
Djeco Puzzle - Woodyjungle
Full Moon Knight Puzzle By Djeco
Laser Boy Puzzle By Djeco
The Pirate Ship Giant Puzzle By Djeco