Authentic Models

Our famous hot air balloons - proudly displayed in our shop since 2005 and each one an absolute beauty...  Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, as Newborn gifts and Christening presents.
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Authentic Models Decorations- Primary Flying Skies Mobile AMAP128
Authentic Models Decoration- 1920's Flight Mobile AMAP120
Authentic Models Decorations- Authentic Models Flying Skies Mobile Pastel AMAP129
Hot Air Balloon Mobile, Pastel Rainbow
Authentic Models Jules Verne - Grand Air Balloon Vintage Rain AMAP168E
Hot Air Balloon, Large
Hot Air Balloon, Large (Deluxe Design)
Hot Air Balloon, Medium
Hot Air Balloon, Medium (Deluxe Design)
Hot Air Balloon, Small
Hot Air Balloon, Small (Deluxe Design)
Solar System Mobile