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Unbelievably precious! I have been following the toy store on Instagram for awhile and am so glad we did a fun little train ride from London for my son's 3rd Birthday. The staff members were so sweet too... We will definitely return!

Dana Dyksterhuis

Just wished to say how impressed and grateful I am for the level of customer service I received. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble, but it was your communication which was so much appreciated. 

Sarah Browne

Once again I am delighted with my purchase - the castle and knights are a present for my grandson and look brilliant. Thanks again for your help and wonderful service!

Sue Butler

WOW! We stopped to look at the huge wooden castle in the window and then had to look inside. I have never seen a toy shop with 'children' in mind before. The welcoming signs to play with the products and the step stool to help the children pay at the end were such thoughtful things!

Claire Crawford

We just wanted to let you know how brilliant we thought Alex was. He was extremely friendly and his enthusiasm for the toys in the shop and for everything 'play' was wonderful. We were swept along with his joy for all things games, and enjoyed exploring the shop and having a go with some of the toys.

Sophie Wilson