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Lottie Doll

Why do we love Lottie so much? Although on the surface she doesn't seem like a great fit for My Small World, at her core are toy ethics that we wholeheartedly embrace.

  • She's shaped like a 9 year old girl - no pointy boobs and unrealistically small waist here, chaps!
  • She is makeup free.
  • She stands on her own two feet - literally!
  • The range is massively inclusive, and encompasses all without shouting about it...the range includes an autistic doll, a doll with a cochlear implant, a paleontologist, astronomer, scientist, artist, activist, animal lover and so much more.
  • The accessory sets make no boundaries for gendered play - Lottie is as happy in her football uniform or astronaut kit as she is with her hair care set...
Lottie Doll
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