Vegetable Garden Battle Game - Vilac


Alright players!! Flex your green fingers and see if you can be the first person to find the four moles lurking in your opponents vegetable patch!

Use the letters and numbers on the side of the patch to tell your opponent which plant you'd like them to pull up... if you find a mole, you get another turn - but if you find a carrot it's the other players turn to guess.

A simplified version of Battleship (and much more wholesome!) teaching communication and easy co-ordinates.  

You can also use this to play a Veg patch memory game. Each player places the moles and carrots wherever they want in their patch, and then boxes are swapped. Taking in turns each player pulls a piece from the patch. If it's a mole they remove it from the veg patch and try again. If it's carrot, they replant it in the same place... so it's important to memorise the pieces you have already chosen!


  • Age 4+ (But we think some three year olds would really enjoy this game)
  • A game for 2 players
  • Game duration - 10 minutes
  • Contains 2 Veg patch Boxes, 4 moles (white/grey) per player, 12 carrots per player
  • Size: Outer Box size 37cm x 17cm x 4cm

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