The Whale & The Fish Game - Londji


Create the most beautiful school of fish in the world!

A beautiful free play game which is the very essence of calm, mindful play. 

Will your choose to match fish by pattern? Create shoals in shades of blue or red?Enjoy making shapes with the tessellated fish? Or flip the fish over and pay with numbers to your hearts content?

There are no rules or instructions with this game - just endless possibilties which allows the development of different important aspects of children's discovery from a playful, spontaneous and non-directed point of view, allowing them to explore their creativity without limits.

- A game that stimulates creativity and imagination.

- Stimulates memory and logic

- Promotes observation, concentration and spatial orientation.

100 fish and a whale in the box.


  • Illustration Can Seixanta
  • Age From 3 years old
  • Number of pieces 100
  • Material FSC paper and recycled cardboard
  • Packaging Sturdy cardboard box

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