We love a good Maze puzzle… watching a small person pouring over the pages of a book, fingers tracing paths through illustrations, sometimes successfully and sometimes not, is a wonderful thing to observe. Mazes are a great way of introducing children to trial and error, to developing patience, and to never worrying about making a mistake… after all, a maze isn’t a maze without some false twists and turns.

This big, hardbacked book is absolutely packed to the brim with discoveries and challenges. The illustrations are detailed (and fantastic!). The action hops from location to location, starting in Pierre’s garage, and moving to the last giant maze, via such delights as The Museum, the Open Air Café, the Balloon Festival, the Mysterious Village in the Forest (which bears a striking resemble to our own famous treehouse!).

The mazes are tricky, and each page has a variety of challenges and hidden items. This is definitely an activity for children 7 and over, but the book itself is so full of detail you could happily sit with a smaller child for some quality discovery time!

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