Djeco Magic Set - Mirabile Magus


A superb set of 20 Magic tricks from the team at Djeco!  These are real magic tricks, and help to develop real skills.  When put together, and with time, performers can develop a really engaging magic show.

The set includes these props:

A magic rope, a magicians handkerchief, a stack of 25 magic cards,  a transparent box, 1 ball, 6 elastic bands, a ring, a clock dial and 17 lunar cards.

With these props, 20 different tricks are possible, including classics such as the disappearing knot, mind reading, freeing the ring, the appearing scarf and many others, with varying degrees of difficulty.

The instruction booklet is clear and really helpful, but best of all are the links to video tutorials with a professional magician who can help your trainee magician get the most out of this set without having to spoil the surprise by asking the grown ups!  

Patience, dexterity and practice are required to get the most out of this brilliant set. This is definitely a gift for older children aged 8 - 99!

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