Oh we LOVE this new discovery...!!  Ma Cabane a Reve are a fab french company who have created a new generation of magnets... thinner and flexible, so easier to grip, with fantastic illustrations and colours to really fire the imagination.  Easy to layer, so you can put magnets on top of each other to build more complex pictures, damage resistant with a smooth surface to protect from scratches and fingerprints, waterproof so you can play in the bath too - you can even draw on them with water-erasable crayons like our fab Kitpas.    Also - don't throw away the frame, becasue you can use this for stencillig, as a puzzle or even a dough cutter!

 The Fabrikareves set allows  a playful and fun dive into pure imagination - no tops, no bottoms, no right or wrong way to layer up and create a new universe.

Product Details

  • Age: 3 Years +
  • 32 Magnets
  • printed magnetic sheet in flexible material, 100% recyclable
  • designed and produced in France

Image Credit @according_to_e  @celine_audetourdunchemin

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