I Speak 6 Languages Game by Londji


It's time to effortlessly fall in love with languages! This superb game by Londji is a really entertaining way for small people to learn 100 words in 6 languages...and you'll be so surprised at how amazingly quickly your children's wonderfully elastic brains pick up new vocabulary. (We hate to say it, but they'll master this game far faster than you!)

It's a game for up to 6 players, and the aim is to be the first player to win 10 cards. The box contains a dice, a cotton bag and 100 picture cards.  

Simply pop the 100 illustrated cards in the bag, and spread the 6 language cards on the table (They are used to create a pool of unanswered questions)

Starting with the youngest player, roll the dice to see which language the answer must be given in, then draw a picture card from the bag. If you're a clever bean, and get the answer right, you keep your card. If you just can't remember what the word might be, then all the players must try to memorise the word, and the card is added to the 'pool' in the middle of the table, where players can choose to win a bonus card if they get their original question right.

Perfect for travelling, for home schoolers...but most of all just for fun!

  • Age: 6 - 106 years
  • Material: Recycled FSC certified cardboard, cotton
  • Size: Box 16cm x 16cm x 3.5cm. Playing Pieces: 3.5 x 2.5cm

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