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Djeco Magic Set - Malicious Magus

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A superb set of 20 Magic tricks from the team at Djeco... and perfect for anyone who like to add a dash of performance to their play!  These are real magic tricks, and help to develop real skills.  When put together, and with time, performers can develop a really engaging magic show.

We LOVE the tricks in this set... creepy crawlies, sleight of hand and some real magic circle skills to awe and amaze your audience.  Fancy turning a tarantula into 5 ladybugs with just a magic word and the shake of a wrist? Or astound your friends with your ability to make a scarab beetle appear and disappear at will?

The set includes these props:

A set of cards, with instructions to 12 sleight of hand card tricks, a transformation tube, Spider, 5 ladybirds, magic disappearing box & 2 scarab beetles. 


With these props, 20 different tricks are possible, with varying degrees of difficulty. The instruction booklet is clear and really helpful, but best of all are the links to video tutorials with a professional magician who can help your children get the most out of this set without having to spoil the surprise by asking the grown ups!  

This is definitely a gift for older children aged 6 - 99!

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