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Piou Piou Card Game by Djeco

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Piou Piou by Djeco is the surprise hit of last year...Surprise, because we didn't order it, but it accidently snuck into a delivery from Djeco! Piou Piou proved to be a holiday hero - both my children adore this game,which means that I do too! Who can be the first player to safely lay, and then hatch, three little chicks? Sound simple? Perhaps! But beware, cheeky foxes are out to steal your unhatched eggs...

It's a simple game to play - children need only have four cards in their hands at any time, which makes deciding what to do very simple.  Older children will enjoy adding a little extra strategy - keeping an eye on who is about to win and then scuppering their chances, and younger children ADORE the fact that a daddy chicken, mummy chicken and a nest mean they can lay an egg. The box says 5 years and upwards, but we think, with a bit of help, that this game could be played by a switched on 4 year old... let us know if we're right!

  • Size: Box 12cm x 8cm x 3cm
  • Material: Card
  • Ages: 5 years +

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