Djeco Toys, Puzzles, Games & Crafts

Our relationship with Djeco Toys spans 13 years, and in that time we have stocked well over 2000 products.  We use our experience to curate the most exciting, and ever changing, Djeco Wooden Toys, Games, Puzzles, Role Play and Arts & Crafts collection in the UK. You'll find our bestselling Djeco ranges rubbing shoulders with the very newest in Djeco design.
Djeco Toys, Puzzles, Games & Crafts
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Fishing Ducks  by Djeco
Floating Boats Origami by Djeco
Djeco Decoration- Paper Hanging - Glitter birds DD04958
Djeco Decoration- Paper Hanging - Glitter Butterflies DD04957
Flowers & Birds Umbrella by Djeco
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Forest House - Djeco Pop to Play
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Fox Melody Spinning Music Box by Djeco
Djeco Art- Scratch Art - Full moon Sheets DJ09723
Game Card Holder by Djeco
Djeco Game- Geoform Magnetics DJ03130
Djeco Art- Paper Creations - Giant dragon Packaging DJ09677
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Graphic Animals Stickers by Djeco
Djeco Gymnastic Ribbon DJ02041
Hop! Hop! Hop! Game by Djeco
Horses Stickers by Djeco
In the Garden Art Workshop by Djeco
Khan Mosaics by Djeco
Djeco Game- Kinoptik Animonster DJ05600
Djeco Game- Kinoptic Robots Packaging Box DJ05611
Djeco Art- Paper Creations - Kokeshis DJ09672
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Lady Butterfly Colouring Surprise by Djeco
Djeco Art- Let's Go! Stickers DJ08844
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Lila & Pupi Globe Night Light by Djeco
Djeco Toy- Little Action DJ08557
Djeco Art- Rubbing Patterns  - Magali's Friends Packaging DJ08988
Djeco Decoration- Mini Night Light - Magic Forest DD03431
Djeco Toy- Fishing Dream DJ01650
Djeco Art- Colourful Parade Marbling Art Packaging Box DJ09686
Djeco Toy- Pop To Play Medieval Castle DJ07703
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Mermaids Stickers by Djeco
Merry and Smart Sequin Art Workshop by Djeco
Djeco Toy-Mister Moon's Treasure Box DJ06595
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Djeco Puzzles- Mum and Baby Puzzles DJ08157
My First Garage by Djeco
Djeco Decoration- Djeco Mini Night Light - Ocean DD03430
Orange Trott'it by Djeco
141 results