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Nearly Schooler? Are you ready?

Nearly Schooler? Are you ready?

All the cliches have been resurfacing here in the store. It’s pretty much an annual thing, and kicks off in mid-April when people find out what infant school their child is going to, and it eases off in mid October…  And the cliches? They are these:

‘Where has the time gone?’

‘I can’t believe he’s going to be a school boy!’

‘It seems like only yesterday that we had his first birthday party…’

The truth is, school rolls around really quickly. And it takes us by surprise. When an expedition to feed the ducks can take all morning, how is it possible that so much time has passed and suddenly our babies our school children?

The truth is our children are probably ready for school…but perhaps we are the ones who are not!! We think that the best way of handling the transition to school is the same way you guys have done everything else so far…together!

Preparing for the full on emotions of that first school day is as important for you as it is for them, so we’ve created a beautiful pack of three classic starting school books, and beautiful activity sheets by amazing illustrator Hannah Broadway (of Robot & Monkey fame) for you to do together which cover all the important aspects of preparing you both for school…  we promise by the time September rolls around you’ll be confidently waving goodbye to each other, and then popping round to the shop for champagne and tissues at 9.15am (it’s a long standing My Small World tradition!!)



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