Tender Leaf Dolls House - Dovetail House


Dovetail House is My Small World's best selling dolls house.

As a small store with limited space we make it a point of principle to only stock the best examples of children's toys, and when Tender Leaf showed us their take on the doll's house we were quite simply blown away.  Beautiful, soft gender neutral colours which look fantastic in a nursery, working shutters and windows and lots of careful detail everywhere you look, from the plants outside, to the window boxes, to the Christmas Wreath! 

The interior has space for 6 room sets, and is beautifully neutral. Any self respecting dolls house player will tell you that it can be very frustrating when a wall has painted detail on it like mirrors or pictures or shelves, as this dictates where you should put your furniture... and we hate that!

Dolls and furniture are sold seperately, so you can fill with your own furniture, or possibly go to town and invest in Tender Leaf's beautiful designer room sets. 

Most of all, we feel that a dolls house should be able to be handed down through the generations, and this means that above else material and build quality must be second to none.  Our Dovetail has been in the store, at a low level so children can explore it and play, for almost two years and is still as good as new, despite the hundreds of children who have explored and played...


  • Large double fronted dolls house
  • working windows and shutters
  • a front porch with steps leading up to the working front door
  • stairs and a spiral staircase
  • Lift away roof to reveal attic room with porthole windows


  • Age 3+
  • Material: Top quality birch plywood
  • Self Assemble required - clear instructions included
  • Dolls and furniture sold separately
  • Dimensions: 68 x 39.5 x 69.5cm



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