Cluck Cluck The Fox Game - Londji


Calling all would-be farmers! Your hen house needs you!  In Londji's stunning co-operative game, you need to work together to collect the eggs and remove the chickens from the coop before the sneaky fox gets in!

If you have a house filled with sibling rivalry, or a younger brother or sister who never gets to win any games, then this is the game to heal wounds and make you feel (if only for 10 minutes!) that everyone in the family gets on famously.  Everyone needs to work together, and chat through options before deciding on the next move...

More than just a simple dice game, this is a beautifully designed, tactile game with a hint of strategy. Win, and you'll celebrate together...lose and you'll commiserate as a team!

Contents: 1 board game, 6 chickens, 24 eggs, 4 egg boxes, 1 fox and 1 dice.

  • Age: 4 - 8 years
  • Material: FSC Wood, recycled cardboard
  • Players: 2 - 8 people

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