Wonky Stocky - King of Pandas Memo Actions - Londji

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*wonky stock - the box is damaged after a tumble from the stock room shelf - poor Panda, but the game inside is good as new and the box itself still does the job!*

Londji have taken the classic 'turn the picture and find the pair' memory game and added a little extra strategy and peril to appeal to a wider age range - and we love it!

As with all Londji games, even opening the beautiful cardboard box is a joy, and inside you will find 36 BIG round animal counters, plus 7 action counters and 6 crown counters.

Just like all memo games, the counters are placed face down on the table, and the aim of the game is to find your animal pairs by turning over the counters one at a time. You can only turn over two counters at a time, so try hard to remember where those pesky animals are!  However, mixed in to the counters are action cards. The 'Spy' counters let you have a sneaky peak at another counter, the 'Stop' card means you miss your turn. The 'Thief' counter allows you to take an animal pair from another player, and the dreaded 'Octopus' card means that all the cards are mixed up again on the table!  If you turn over 'The Cats' then you have to put a pair you have already found back face down on the table.

The winner is the first to reach 7 points, and you can win a crown by collecting a complete animal family (Six pandas, for example).

If you have a very teeny person in your game, you can always remove the action cards and play King Of Pandas as a straightforward game, until they get the hang of it!

Contents: 36 Animal Counters, 7 Action Cards, 6 Crown Counters, Instruction booklet 6 languages - GB, FR, ES, DE, IT & Catlonian

  • Age: 3 - 103
  • Material: Recycled Cardboard & FSC paper
  • Box Size:15cm x 23.5cm x 7.5
  • Counter size: 6.5 cm diameter


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