When Can I go Back to School?


'There was no school or work that day or friends that might drop in and play. Mum said that there was something new, and this is what we have to do.'

It has been a confusing time for all of us, but never more than for children who can't easily understand the sudden changes around us.

The beautifully illustrations by Jake Biggin are powerful in their simplicity, and the writing by Anna Friend gives clarity to our lockdown situation, and an important message that this is temporary, a change is coming and that we are not experiencing this alone.

A beautiful lyrical guide to lockdown, firstly self published and then quite rightly snapped up by Scholastic who sped through the production process so a wider audience can enjoy it.

Perfect for young children who may feel confused, scared or anxious because of all the changes in our current world, there is even a a mindfulness guide and drawing space. A great one for everyone from tots at nursery to key stage one, this book explains this unsettling time with ease and clarity.

Recommended ages 2+

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