Tender Leaf Supermarket Grocery Set


If this is what my grocery shop looked like, I'd be happy to go every day!  

As always, Tender Leaf go that little extra mile when it comes to play food... and you will LOVE that the frozen peas are a canvas bag with little balls inside, that the crisps really feel & sound crinkly, that the lemons come in a bag, and that very very often the parents in the shop mistake the Olive Oil bottle for a bottle of wine....


  • Ice cream tub
  • popcorn
  • catfood
  • tin of peaches
  • tomato sauce
  • olive oil
  • string bag containing three lemons
  • bag of crisps with crinkle paper inside
  • bag of frozen peas containing hard round balls
  • tin of sardines
  • box of rice
  • pack of spaghetti
  • box of crackers
  • cheese


  • Age 3+
  • Material: Sustainable rubberwood and non-toxic colour

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