Janod Metal Balance Bike Beige

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Gone are the days of wobbling, slightly off kilter, on bikes with pedals and stabilisers. And gone too are the days of taking off those darned stabilisers and trying to help a child find their centre of balance whilst running, out of breath, behind them!

Balance Bikes, or bikes without pedals, turn the art of learning to ride a bike on it's head - encouraging even very small children to find their point of balance without even thinking about it - much like how they learned to walk and run.

Children as young as 18 months stand astride the bike, and at the very beginning (for their first few attempts) just walk with the bike between their legs.  With encouragement, they sit, and as their confidence grows, and their strides get longer and their speed picks up, they naturally find their balance point.   Moving on to the next bike, with pedals, is absolutely seemless, as the tricky part - the balance part - is already an innate skill!

Both my children learned to ride on balance bikes - I can't recommend them enough, or express how much pleasure they got from their newfound freedom!!

Not all balance bikes are made equal.  They need to be incredibly sturdy - especially at the point where the handlebars meet the frame, and they also need to have comfy rounded seats to make sure that little legs have as little friction as possible.  A height adjustable seat gives important growing room. Apart from the amazing build quality of our Janod Balance Bikes, we also adore the vintage styling... and we know you will too!

  • Age 18mths to 4 years (height is the biggest factor... as soon as a child sit on the bike and their feet are resting flat on the floor they are good to go!)
  • Floor to Seat Height at lowest point: 42cm
  • Height of handlebars: 56cm
  • Length of Bike: 84cm
  • Material: Metal frame, rubber tyres.


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