Djeco Zooblock Rhino Roll

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Zooblocks have been designed for Djeco by our favourite toy designer Christophe Gilet and are the absolute best construction toy we have ever seen. Each toy in the range is made using amazing quality wood and metal, with really well designed screws and a screwdriver which is easily handled by a four year old. The joy of the Zooblock toys is two-fold. Children from four will love following the pictoral instructions to assemble the vehicles, and each Zooblock Vehicle can be made up in a variety of different ways, to create different Vehicles. When assembled, they stay absolutely rock solid so are perfect for proper construction play - you can drive these chaps any where, over anything, to pick up and move any amount of bricks or lego, for hours and hours and hours Choose from the range of 7 Zooblock Construction Vehicles. Suitabe from Age 4+