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Djeco Magic Set - Magic Magicam


A big and comprehensive set of magic props and everything you need to learn develop and perform 30 incredible magic tricks.

For those who have the patience, dexterity and determination to practice, this is a real gateway to learning magic. The chaps at Djeco consulted real magicians when creating their magic sets, and there is even a link to video tutorials to help refine those all important sleight of hand and performance skills.

The set includes these props which when combined create 30 different magic tricks, encompassing appearance and reappearance, escape, prediction, object manipulation and so much more.


The instruction booklet is clear and really helpful, but the links to the video tutorials with a professional magician is what will really help any trainee magician get the most out of this set without having to spoil the surprise by asking others!  

This is definitely a gift for older children aged 8 - 99!

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