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Djeco Rubbing Patterns - Magali's Friends

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One of my earliest arty memories was sitting by a large window at my Nana's house and being given an hb pencil, a big piece of paper and lots of old coins... an afternoon of pattern rubbing ensued, and boy, I loved it!So...imagine my delight when I saw that Djeco had put together this beautiful pattern rubbing set for first timers! Children from 3 to 6 years (roughly!) will adore the beautiful results they will achieve from the contents of this great gift box. Pop one of the templates on top of one of the textured sheets, and create all manner of scales, plumage and fur to decorate your animal friends. The variety and combinations to be created are endless, and best of all everything can be used over and over again.The set includes 4 large, easy to hold double ended wax crayons, 4 textured sheets for rubbing, 4 animal templates and 20 pattern backgrounds to fill with textured colour.