Djeco Art- Farm Clay Set DJ09734

Djeco Farm Clay Set

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Super creative fun, which only takes a lot of imagination and not a huge amount of dexterit. These naturally drying light clay modelling kits are the bees knees! Each little box contains two pots of light clay (very much like a very very light plasticine) and 44 chunky cardboard pieces. Simply roll the clay into a ball (or a sausage - whichever takes your fancy!) and then stick in heads, arms, legs and capes to create brilliant super farmyard fun. If you love your character, you can leave it to air dry, and if you want to play all over again later, then pop your clay back into its pot and it will stay fresh for ages...

  • Size:Box 15cm x 15cm x 5cm
  • Material: Paper
  • Age: 3-6 Years