The Multi-Award Winning Bilibo


If you are short of space then what you'll need is one toy you can re-purpose for a hundred different play sessions. And luckily for us (and you!) the glorious team at Moluk specialises in designing toys that let children's imagination lead the way.

One toy. And as many ways to play as you have the imagination for!   We think we've come up with all the ideas...and then a small person will pop into the shop and do something entirely new.  So far, our Bilibo has been:

  • A satisfying spinner to sit in.
  • A tunnel & hill for cars and people.
  • A turtle shell.
  • A sled.
  • A tow along trailer.
  • A water play tray.
  • A bed for baby.
  • A mixing bowl for pretend potions.
  • A small sand pit for excavating dinosaurs and treasure.
  • An island to stay safe from crocodiles swarming the carpet.
  • A super hero helmet....

Feel free to tell us what your Bilibo has got up to...we're constantly amazed!



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