Help Us Make The Best Easter Egg Hunt EVER!!!


Hello your Awesome Rainbow People!!

We don't want this Easter to pass without our small peeps being able to go an Easter Egg Hunt! Please can you help us?

The wonderful Roz Streeten, illustrator of Rosie Flo and Pop Up Pets, has volunteered her time to create the most wonderful Easter Egg for you to colour in... just click on the image below picture to print it!

Spend some time colouring away (or painting, or sticking, or glittering!) and then stick it up in one of the windows at the front of your house...We would like as many windows as possible to have an Easter egg in them - coloured by you!

Then when you are taking your daily exercise, see how many eggs you can spot on your travels!!!  Make a list - take pictures of your favourites, keep count!

Share the image far and wide... send it to friends...make your own design! But most of all... have fun!!!

Happy Easter friends... til we can hunt together again in real life!