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The Postman Game - Londji

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A fabulous (and very beautiful!) observation game for the whole family... everyone can play at the same time, creating merry mayhem as you eager posties attempt to deliver your letters to the right house on the huge jigsaw city. The first speedy postie to deliver 10 letters is the winner! (Every game can be different - the 8 board pieces can be put together in different ways to create more than a 100 different cities!)

There are over 80 cards to give you clues to the right house, and there are 5 different difficulty levels, which range from simply finding the matching house on your card, to deciphering pictoral clues (it's three doors down from the red house with no smoke coming out of the chimney, for example).

It's brilliant, beautiful fun. The game pieces are made from super sturdy board, with a gorgeous matt finish and we also love love LOVE the fact that this game can also work for quiet and thoughtful play, with just an adult and child exploring the jigsaw map, chatting together and slowly working out the clues.

80 clue cards, 40 letters, 8 board pieces, full instructions in GB, FR, ES, DE, IT & Catalonian

  • Game length: 15 - 20 minutes
  • Age: 3 to 103 years
  • Material: Uncoated very hard cardboard
  • Assembled jigsaw playing board size: 60cm x 46cm
  • Jigsaw piece size 16.4cm x 19cm
  • 2 - 6 players

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