Meow Stacking Game by Londji


Lomdji's classic wooden stacking and balancing game.   Our lovely solid wooden kitty balances on her back, ready to play.  Do you have the patience and dexterity to successfully balance all the balls of wool (made from large wooden counters) on to her body, without tipping her over and letting all the balls fall!

A gorgeous pressie, the cat and the 15 balls of yarn are stored in a beautiful heavy duty hardboard folder - where even packing away becomes part of the fun.

  • Age: 3 - 103 
  • Material: Eco Friendly FSC recycled cardboard & wood
  • Size: Folder 23cm x 11cm Wooden Cat 23cm x 12cm Balls Large 4cm x 1.5cm Small 2cm x 1.5cm

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