Tender Leaf Train Set - Mountain View


Tender Leaf's largest and most spectacular train set, which encompass three different landscapes for you to explore, Industrial, Town and Holiday..

A mighty mix of cars, trains, trucks and cranes, not to mention an epic lifting road bridge, mountain pass and wind turbines.

Our aim is to bring you the ultimate train set, which will last forever.. no need to buy add ons, no need to feel that something is missing. If you have a young engineer in your life, or a budding traveller or even a would-be town planner, then this really is a train set dreams are built on!


  • 58 piece of track to create a differing layout every time, exploring Industrial, Town and Holiday Landscapes..
  • Industrial details include: 1 lifting road bridge, 3 chimney stacks with felt smoke, train shed, 7 factory buildings, container ship with 5 magnetised blocks, crane with lifting mechanism, train with 2 carriages to hold 2 more containers.
  • Town details include: 10 contemporary city buildings, car ferry with yellow car, fuel lorry, container lorry, crane vehicle, long engine with 3 carriages for coal, logs and cement.
  • Holiday details  include: 5 elevating mountain passes, mountain bridge, waterfall area, cattle grid, wind turbines, small sailboat, red car and caravan, 3 tents, 3 fir trees, Tender Leaf pacific passenger train with 2 carriages....and a grizzly bear!


  • Age 3+
  • Material: Sustainable Rubber Wood and non-toxic colours
  • Size:145cm x 97.5cm x 20.5cm


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