Say you had to buy just ONE toy, and you needed it to be as massively versatile as possible?  Here it is lovely peeps.  A bit like the Tardis, this box may be small but inside is one massive explosion of creative play possibilities.

    Using the counters and the mini-bilibo's, you can create any number of activities for a family.  Start with simple colour sorting by piling up all the counters, spreading out the bilibo pots and stand back while diligent colour sorting happens - you'll be amazed by how long this keeps a toddler amused. 

    Perhaps create your own massive hand drawn ludo board? Or invent a unique game of your own!  Try classic tiddlywinks. Use the dice to see who can grab the right colour counter the quickest.... the options are endless, and theses a booklet inside to get you started!

    • Age: 4 years +
    • Material: Food grade HD-PE
    • Contains: 6 assorted Mini Bilibos, 36 colored Pixed chips, 1 elastic dice, 1 Pixel Pouch to store chips and an information booklet