Introducing this utterly beautiful 60 piece sold wooden beech and walnut Alphabet Set, filled to the brim with amazing opportunities to learn through play.

There is no doubt that these Alphabet Play blocks are an heirloom investment, but I can't express how amazing they are.  Each letter is paired with the creature or object linked to each letter - B for Bee, V for Volcano, T for Truck.  The pairs magnetically link together with a very satisfying click, and the set comes in a sturdy box with a canvas bag and a brilliant Alphabet book which works visually to connect sounds and letters...

We know that children learn best when they don't know they are learning, and as they create bees that fly, and stomp a dinosaur past a volcano, and give the pig a lift in the truck they just won't realise how much they are absorbing.

Regardless of anything else, these are fantastic, chunky play bricks. Tip them out on the floor, and leave your children to play and learn...

  • Age 3+ due to integral magnets
  • Maple and Walnut Wood finished with vegetable oil
  • 60 wooden blocks, alphabet picture book, eco bag, drawer box.
  • Box Size: 360 x 250 x 60 mm

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