Djeco Arty Toyz - Castle on Ze Rock

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Our happy battalion of knights need a castle to defend, and in true Arty Toyz tradition this new Wooden Castle Design from Djeco, designed specifically to fit our Arty Toyz Knights, really fits the bill. It's very versatile, and children can play both behind and in front of the castle, so you can choose to attack or defend as you please. The Castle also comes as three separate components, which means if you have friends to play you can spread out as much as you like. The castle is built on rock (of course - all the best ones are!) and once you've found your way inside the battlements you'll discover a jail, throne, ladders and lots of places your knights can hide and stand. Don't forget to raise the drawbridge as enemies approach! Arty Toyz are designed especially for creative story telling. All the characters have expressive faces, which helps children add personalities and stories to their play. The design is incredibly robust, very much built to withstand hardy play!