Elliot and Zoe Magic Colour & Dress by Djeco

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One of our best selling art gift sets for younger children, and a runaway triumph last Christmas, this is one of our favourite kits for children who are totally ready to discover the joy of playing with colour, and who will also love the joy of dressing Elliot the Cat and Zoe the Mouse in funky clothes they have coloured themselves. The set contains 7 felt tips and 1 magic pen, which when used on top of one colour magically changes it to another, so all manner of patterns can be drawn on to the clothes. It also has a very very thick board preprinted with Zoe and Elliots bodies, and the children decorate press out cardboard clothes as they wish - there are 4 sheets to colour, so lots and lots of different outfits can be created. This is a super gift set for 3 to 6 year olds, with lots of play value beyond the initial arty fun. Highly recommended!

  • Size: Length 30cm  x  Width 23cm  x  Height 4cm 
  • Material: Board
  • Ages: 3-6 years
  • Contents: 4 sheets, 7 felt tips, 1 magic pen

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