Gallop Scanimation Picture Book


Can you gallop like a horse? giddyup-a-loo! Can you strut like a rooster? cock-a-doodle-doo! Discover Gallop a Scanimation book for ages 12 months to 4 years. Every child who opens the book will be amazed, and so will every parent! 

There's never before been a book like Gallop! Each page is a visual marvel that brings animals, along with one shining star, to life with art that moves before your very eyes! It's impossible not to flip the page, and flip it again, and again, and again. A first book of motion for kids, it shows a horse in full gallop and a turtle swimming up the page. A dog runs, a cat springs, an eagle soars, and a butterfly flutters.

Perfect for engaging tiny ones in story time and great for those visually impaired, especially those with Achromatopsia, with it's black and white illustrations welcoming everyone to enjoy the world of Gallop.

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