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Welcome to the National Book Club For Nearly Schoolers!

This is a special book club for children starting school for the very first time this September…

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What’s It all About?

On your first day at school we want you to be excited, happy and CONFIDENT, and to wave goodbye to your Mummy and Daddy without a backwards glance... (Well, perhaps a small one, just to make THEM feel better!) and to be able to do that you need to be prepared and ready for action....

So - We’ve chosen the 6 absolute best, hands down, top of the heap, completely brilliant children’s books all about starting school, and each month between now and your first day of school we’ll send one of them to you, complete with a VERY brilliant, fun and funky activity sheet created by children’s illustrator Hannah Broadway. These activity sheets are designed to help you prepare for school, step by simple step!

So, you (and your parents) will have months to get ready, to ask questions, to draw maps of your walk to school, to make your classroom out of cardboard, to pretend to be teacher, to colour in your school uniform and to have a pretend school dinner at home. We promise that by the time you get to school, you’ll know more about it than your teacher!

Psssst... Parents!

subscribe We know that this is a big emotional milestone for you too; research also shows that the more confident and outwardly upbeat you are, the less your child will worry and the happier he or she will be over the first few days. These books and especially these activities have been created to help you prepare not only your child but also yourself for this tricky time!

We promise that by September you will feel confident that your child:

  • • Will feel happy and excited about going into school on that very first day.
  • • Is undaunted by the journey to school, and knows what to expect when you get there.
  • • Is able to get themselves dressed in their school clothes, and change into a PE kit.
  • • Feels confident about and looks forward to making new friends.
  • • Will be able to manage a packed lunch, drinks bottle or school dinners.
  • • Is prepared to cope with the unexpected.

By September you will feel confident that YOU:

  • • Will be able to wave goodbye with a cheery smile rather than suppressed tears on that first morning (or afternoon.)
  • • Have given you and your child enough preparation to feel confident on that first day.
  • • Are used to seeing your small child in big school clothes!
  • • Feel confident that your child has been able to express any worries they might have.
  • • Have already had a practice ‘getting up and going to school’ day.
  • • Have avoided any situations where your child might feel confused or anxious...