My Small Book Club

December 2016 Book Of The Month
by Anne Booth & Sam Usher


When Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell talk about a book as ‘important’ and ‘a book to share with a lump in your throat and an ache in your heart until the beauty and hope of the very last page…’ then you know you are on to something very, very special.

This is such a gentle, timely and ultimately hopeful picture book.

Set in beautiful hardback format with text by Anne Booth with stunning, simple watercolour and line illustrations by Sam Usher, this is an incredibly relevant retelling of the nativity and the flight from Herod’s soldiers to Egypt. It is told from the point of the view of the donkey, and the parallels with our modern day refugee crisis are purposeful and delicate.

At a time of year when we are (hopefully) teaching children about the joy of generosity, this book will help them make sense of the news that they see, and show them that the answers still lie in what we teach our children every day – Be Kind. Share. Show kindness.  The final image of the family being welcomed by strangers to eat together is a resolution we all hope for, for all displaced families.

A contribution from every copy sold will go to War Child UK, which is caring for Syrian refugee children in camps and host communities. They provide safe spaces for children to play and talk about their experiences, counseling for children and also their parents, to help them get past the trauma they have experienced.

October 2015 Book of The Month
The Book With No Pictures by B.J Novak

Sometimes a book comes along which breaks all the rules, and The Book With No Pictures does just this.  Racing to the top of The New York Times bestseller list in just a few weeks simply by the power of word, this is a book designed to be read by an adult to a child, and which intrinsically understands the sense of humour of small people.


The premise is very simple.  A book with no pictures? Surely this must make this boring and serious ? However, reading a book aloud (as we all know) has one simple rule – everything the words say, the person reading the book has to say. No matter what . And so of course, under great duress,the adult reading is forced to say some very, very silly things. Sometimes in silly voices.


Cue unbridled laughter, because after all what is more fun than watching the adult in your life have no control on what they are about to do?! Or say?!  We’ve read this aloud to numerous children in the shop, and the more reluctant we are to read the words, the funnier they find it.On a more serious note, this is a superb example of a book that effortlessly teaches children the power of the written word.  And if you feel like living dangerously, you could ask them to write their own version for you to read aloud. (We did… and are still recovering!!)

*Our Book Club Book Of The Week*
Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt & Sarah Massini

This week's book club features this great new board book from Jane Blatt.  Very simple, gently rhyming prose makes this book perfect for very small children, as we turned each page to see how a group of children had fun with books - not just for reading, but for building, hiding and giggling too! Perfectly aimed at children from 10 months onwards, the book cleverly mixes books, animals, rhyming and gentle wit to create a new publication which captures tiny peoples attention.(Certainly, even the youngest children at Book club today, who were just over 1, stayed intent as we turned the pages - always a good sign, as things are slightly more hectic in the cafe than they might be at home!)  

Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt & Sarah Massini can be bought at a 15% discount by members of My Small Book Club - just email to join - it's free, and fun! To book a spot at our Book Club events in the Cafe, call My Small World Toy Store & Cafe  01225 938338 - we make biscuits, and while they're baking, read stories- how perfect is that!

FRIDAY 21st FEBRUARY   10am and 3pm
*Author Visit!* Tracey Corduroy
10am Shifty McGifty & Slippery Sam
3pm  Hubble Bubble : The Glorious Granny Bake Off
£4.50 (ticket price includes a scrumptious adults drink, and a delumptious childs drink)

We have double the fun during this half term, with a visit from rising star Tracey Corduroy.  We have all bases covered here, chaps.  If you are a preschooler, visit us in the morning for a sneaky adventure with Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, two hapless robbers who really are in the wrong job.  We'll be discovering hidden secrets on every page, and there will be a fab craft activity to boot!

For older children (from Reception upwards) , The Glorious Granny Bake-Off is quite an experience, as Granny exercises her skills in a truly magical cooking session...(think Magic-mix, rather than magimix, and you won't go far wrong!  There are cupcakes to decorate and eat too, folks!!

Shifty McGifty & Slippery Sam - 10am, The Glorious Granny Bake Off - 3pm, My Small World Toy Store & Cafe Box Office 01225 938338

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