First Aid for Parents taking their children to school for the VERY first time!

Free - From 9.15am and from 12.45pm from Thurs Sept 1st

It's our famous Champagne and Tissues event, now in it's 9th year! If you are taking your children to school for the very, very first time, whether for a morning or an afternoon start, please don't go home feeling glum! Grab a few other teary parents and head straight for the store, where we'll be waiting with Champagne, Tissues and hugs.

We want to help you celebrate this momentous occasion, and can't wait to see you all. You'll meet other parents (and Grandparents) who are feeling just the same as you, and we'll celebrate and commiserate in equal measure!!  We'll have goodie bags for you to take back to your new pupil, too!

This year schools are starting on a variety of different days, some not until the 12th of September, so if in doubt, drop us an email to and let us know when the big day is, so we can be ready!  Please spread the word - the more the merrier, and there is nothing quite like a glass of bubbly at 9.30am (or early afternoon!) to make a day feel extra special!!

My Small Book Club...

Have you joined our book club? It's free, and entitles you to super discounts on books!

At My Small World we LOVE children's books. Fact.  If we had a store four times the size we still couldn't squeeze all the books we know you'll love into it.  So, just like Winnie the Pooh, we sat down and had a little think, and the little think we had was this....

**Wouldn't it be great if every week we introduced you to a new and brilliant book we think you'll love... and, if it grabbed your imagination, you could buy it at a special discounted price? And if you REALLY loved it you and your little booklovers could come along to the cosy My Small World cafe and make some scrummy biscuits to eat with a glass of milk whilst your new favourite book (and other fantastic choices) were read out loud. Sound good? Starting from 30th Jan there will be a My Small Book Club event every Thursday between 10am - 11am. £5 per child and every adult attending with a young bookworm will get a discounted hot drink**  

So! Here's how it works! Just email us at leaving your name, and before you know it a whole new world of children's literature will be at your feet.  You can use your special members discount code to buy any Book Of The Week at a 15% discount, and either collect it from our store or we'll post it to your very own letter box! See? Simple!